Let’s BeTalky again! 

Brussels Multilingualism Day
Journée bruxelloise du Multilinguisme 

Brusselse Dag van de Meertaligheid   




BeTalky is an initiative of the Brussels-Capital Region and aims to promote multilingualism in Brussels. Our city has 1.2 million inhabitants, who speak more than 100 different languages. The advantages of multilingualism are numerous. In addition to the ​opportunities it opens up on the labour market, multilingualism promotes cohesion among the inhabitants of Brussels.

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In recent years, our city has become a cosmopolitan metropolis with 1.2 million inhabitants, in a relatively small area. Brussels is home to around 180 nationalities speaking more than 100 different languages.  The people of Brussels believe that knowledge of languages is an essential part of learning the Brussels identity. It is important for the inhabitants of Brussels to understand each other and therefore to get to know and understand each other better.

Sven Gatz - Minister for the Promotion of Multilingualism